About me / CV

(Ci-dessous en français)

Mohamed Haddad hosting the municipal electoral debate on May 2019; © Thierry Brésillon for Barr al Aman

Mohamed HADDAD co-founded Barr al Aman in 2015, a Tunisia-based think tank and media. He is currently working on international trade, access to medicine and local democracy policies. As an Editor-in-Chief, he wrote, reviewed or edited more than 250 papers in Arabic, French and English on various topics, started producing and hosting a weekly radio show on the National Public Radio discussing public policy and public institutions’ performance. 

The first meaning of Barr al Aman in Arabic is “shore of peace”. Politicians have kept repeating that Tunisia will eventually reach it … which it has not yet. He would not have named this project thus if it did not sound like “Parliament” when said rapidly. He strongly believes the key is to be found in the institutions, whose core is Parliament. However, this does not prevent examining alternative political models.

One of the reasons Mohamed initiated this project is because he thinks there is a real need for a South-based institution, exploring untrodden paths of public policy assessment, understanding how officials’ decisions impact citizens and how citizens take part in the decision-making process.

Mohamed has worked as a foreign media correspondent for major news outlets – most of them French or European – such as Le Monde, Reuters TV, AFP, etc. He trained hundreds of journalists from Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Libya and Yemen.

He’s equally comfortable in writing, editing audio reports or shooting TV stories. He covered the wars in Libya and Syria until 2013 and the post-revolutionary Tunisia from 2011 until today. 

Mohamed is 32 years old. He obtained his master’s degree in journalism at the Institut de Journalisme Bordeaux Aquitaine (France) and is happily married to his partner in life and work.


Je suis Journaliste Reporter d’Images (JRI) et reporter Radio et presse écrite en freelance.

J’ai travaillé en Tunisie pendant un an et demi en tant que reporter texte et JRI au sein de l’Agence France Presse, bureau de Tunis. Depuis 2013, je suis le correspondant de l’agence Reuters TV et de différentes radios francophones RTBF, DW, Radio Vatican, Radio Fribourg (Suisse). J’ai eu l’occasion de couvrir toutes les étapes de la transition délicate que vit la Tunisie. J’ai également été envoyé à plusieurs reprises en mission en Libye, durant et après le conflit. En août 2012, j’ai effectué une mission au nord de la Syrie à Alep.

Dans le cadre associatif, je produis et co-présente “Barr al Aman – برّ الأمان” une émission de radio qui traite de l’impact des lois sur le quotidien des citoyens. Elle est diffusée sur la radio Nationale tunisienne tous les mercredis ainsi que sur d’autres radios associatives (K-FM à Kasserine, Nefzawa FM à Kebili). Voici la page: www.fb.com/barralaman/

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